Success is the best revenge.

Timelessly relevant.


The semester is taking forever to end, but now is the time to start planning for the summer. Aside from taking Economics in Summer school and probably working a second job:

My 21st birthday is next month and so far I’ll be going out to dinner, dropping acid with my literal partner in crime, riding rollercoasters, and probably getting blackout drunk (not all on the same day, of course)

I will FINALLY be getting my first car in June which is exciting and nerve-wrecking because there’s SO much that goes into choosing the right car lol. That’s also the same month I’m going to see Pharrell in VA Beach with Trev and Corinza. Phantogram is also having a concert that month so I’ll probably take Corinza to see them too.

Making a trip to Washington D.C. either at the end of June or early July to visit Corinza, tour the city, eat at Busboys and Poets and meet her Dad (aka The Tank).

And as always, there’s the random unplanned things that happen during the summer, so it’s looking to be a pretty exciting next couple of months.

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I don’t want to describe something that I’m not
I don’t want to hide the hopes that I have
I want to enjoy what’s meant to enjoy
Not try to find slights and slurs to employ

Today was the first time in about a month that someone told me I look like Denzel Washington. Was starting to think I’d lost it aha.

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Sade - Cherish The Day [1992] [Prod. By Sade & Mike Pela]



A great lover knows its all with in the details!


There’s a guy at work that’s been mad about me getting promoted on the low but now he’s making it obvious and I’m like two seconds away from playing the shit out of him.

And just to add injury to insult I’ll probably make him take out all the trash right after I’m finished.